Tax exemption and loi monuments historiques


Loria Music has been providing high-quality musical products and services to communities in Central and Northern New Jersey at incredible prices for more than 30 years. Our experienced staff, instructors and technicians are committed to providing our customers with an unparalleled experience not found in department stores with the personalized attention you deserve. Feel free to explore the different sections of our website for more details on each of our services. If you like music you can also help art by taxing in SOFICA. A tax exemption solution to promote art in general. And in the solutions to reduce its taxes it is also possible to use the law Historical Monuments. And visit our partner who speak about loi monuments historiques defiscalisation.

A great solution if you like old real estate and want to significantly reduce your taxes. The interest of the historical monuments law is that you tax all the work done on your property. This is one of the best tax benefits available in France. For history lovers, this is the ideal placement. It is possible to reduce taxes in many ways as with the Pinel law or the Censi-Bouvard law. But the advantage of the historical monuments law is that there are no ceilings to the tax exemption. This is a very qualitative solution when it comes to reducing taxes and realizing a real estate investment. In the conditions it is necessary to carry out the works with an architect of the buildings of France to benefit from the fiscal advantages. He will take care that the good retains its original splendor.

une guitar acheté avec la loi monuments historiques

Law exemption and music

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We offer a wide selection of music products for beginners, intermediate and professional players. From your favorite brands to the smallest local brands you may never have heard of, Loria Music has something for everyone! In addition to guitars, drums, keyboards and audio equipment, Loria Music also offers a full range of instruments, accessories and teaching materials for orchestras and orchestral instruments.

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Complete and professional sound installation services are also available for your business, church or organization, regardless of the size of the room. Visit our online store where you can buy, buy and ship directly to you a selection of items ranging from rare drum parts to your favorite guitar strings. The musical instruments are good but the tax exemption with the law historical monuments or the Malraux law is even better.

An architect

The latter can reduce taxes if you buy a property in a sector saved. Then it will be necessary to carry out work followed by an architect of the buildings of France and to rent it during a period of 9 years. This is close to the historic monuments law to reduce taxes but there are differences. The tax exemption covers only 22 to 30% of the work and you are obliged to rent. After unlike the Pinel law you have no ceilings to respect for rents or resources of tenants. It's totally free at this level. Then learn more about music but also ways to reduce your taxes such as tax exemption.


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